Training & Spiritual Development Ministry

Elder Devon Edwards-Director For further information please email the leader at

The church is a unique organism in which Christ and the Spirit dwell. The church has a unique source of life, is directed toward particular ends and goals, and is governed by particular commitments and practices—such as prayer, worship, study, witness, and service—that give peculiar shape to the church’s life and ministry. The church cannot be explained in organizational terms alone and must guard against approaches to leadership that merely accommodate to the broader culture – This area is responsible for:

Sunday school

The Sunday school director will lead and oversee the ministry of the Sunday school. This person will ensure proper staffing, training and operation of the department.

Children Ministry

The children’s ministry director is responsible to oversee the entire children’s ministry to ensure a smoothly operating, safe and effective program. The director will recruit and train leaders who will touch children’s lives with God’s love, teach them God’s Word and provide fellowship with God’s people—laying a foundation that will keep children interested in the things of God and involved in church.

New Members

The new member assimilator is responsible for welcoming new members, providing helpful information, helping them feel at home and bonding them to the church through relationships.

New Converts

The New Converts Care Director is responsible for providing follow up and training new believers in their walk with the Lord. Major focus is placed on 3 basic needs of the new convert: instruction, fellowship and involvement. In focusing on these we hope to greatly increase the retention of our new converts.