Prayer Life & Counseling

Prayer Life & Counseling – Dr. Monica Jones

Prayer is a powerful means of connecting with God. We believe in a sovereign God who calls us to pray to Him and bring to Him our cares, concerns, and needs. Please let us know how we can join you in your prayer needs. (Psalm 17:6, Ephesians 6:18).

Daily Prayer Email  
Contact the Church Office: 954-983-2885 or Dr. Monica Jones: 954-549-8490 to submit a prayer request.
Members can request to receive email updates of current requests.

Prayer Guide

The Prayer Guide provides a weekly update on prayer needs within our church family. Click here for the Prayer Guide or you can stop by the Welcome Desk to pick one up. When they click here a recent copy of the church bulletin pops up with the section the list the persons for prayer.